Sunday Guitars Band Instrument Rentals

    SUNDAY GUITARS is a big part of the Central Oregon music community serving fellow musicians, teachers, parents, schools, other stores and our community.
    We’ll greet you with a genuine smile and grab an instrument and play it for you, or let you play it, whatever you need to make the right choice for you.
    We have the time to help you to make a real decision. No pressure. And when we find out what your dream is, we will do our best to help you obtain it.
    We have a fine selection of new and used school band instruments for sale or rent.
    In the words of Ted, the owner, “We are a full-service provider, with a focus on entry-level instruments with good pricing to better fit those that are eager to be in music programs but wish to limit their spending on rental or purchase.” 


          • Rent-to-OWN

          • No obligation, return any time

          • Start with only 2 monthly payments up front

          • Free service & maintenance in-house or at the schools

          • Exchange for a different instrument

          • 100% credit

          • We have top quality, name brand, new and used instruments


    Along with band instrument rental comes a lot of responsibility. Sunday Guitars has teamed up with a full-service instrument provider to offer better pricing that includes full-service and maintenance for normal use and wear.
    That’s no extra charge! When you rent your instrument we will give you and/or your student a briefing on care of their instrument.
    Remember, our rentals are rent-to-own and we strongly encourage you to care for it as if you were planning to own it.


    FLUTES $28.00 mo.
    CLARINETS $31.00 mo.
    TRUMPETS $35.00 mo.
    TROMBONES $36.00 mo.
    ALTO SAXOPHONES $46.00 mo.
    CELLOS (all sizes) $71.00 mo.
    SNARE & BELL KITS $35.00 mo.
    BELL KIT $35.00 mo.
    COMBO KITS (drum and bell) $39.00 mo.
    VIOLIN $29.00 mo.
    VIOLAS  $31.00 mo.
    GUITAR (pro) 
    $57 day/$110 wk.
    GUITAR (beginner) 
    $15 day/$40 wk.

     ***Prices are subject to change.