What the Furch! Did they just do that???

The world has been a totally whacky place with many different obstacles to overcome since COVID first entered the scene a year ago. Companies have scrambled to maintain connection and stay interactive with their patrons. The music retail industry has also been figuring out creative ways to move forward in these times with creative design and innovative programs.

We wanted to take a moment and look at one of the guitar manufactures we carry here at the shop and how they are taking health and innovation to a new level.

Furch Guitars has now developed an antibacterial treatment for the necks of their guitars. Yes, that is right, Furch guitars has an antibacterial treatment which destroys microorganisms that find their way onto the neck of your guitar. From Furchguitars.com:

“Certified antibacterial lacquer is a standard part of all our neck finishes. Its composition with silver nanoparticles reliably destroys all harmful microorganisms that adhere to the neck during play. In addition, the smooth satin surface reduces hand friction for faster and more accurate play.”



Silver nanoparticles… What will they think of next! And, it makes it even easier to play. Awesome!

If you haven’t had a chance to come into the shop and try out a Furch Guitar, you need to! Full, crisp tone. All solid wood construction, and now even healthier and safer for you to play. Come down today and try out some of the Furch guitars we have in stock.