Welcome Breedlove to Sunday Guitars


At our recent 11th birthday we announced some new brands you will now be seeing at Sunday Guitars, and Breedlove is one of them. We are excited to have Bend’s very own Breedlove Guitars here at the shop. Breedlove is a premier instrument brand known world wide for their rich tone and amazing look.

Breedlove makes 4 unique body shapes that cover a wide range of tonal characteristic and response. They are:

  • The Concerto: “the largest at 16” wide, updates the dreadnought with similar volume and power, but a more complex tonal palette, perfect for driving a band or backing a charismatic singer.” - breedlove.com
  • The Concert: “has become a classic. It is a trusted, versatile platform for players of every style, with an instantly recognizable voice and a sleek, enchanting profile.” - breedlove.com
  • The Concertina: “a secret weapon of sorts, pares down the Concert, landing right in a fingerpicker’s lap with 12 frets to the body and a short scale that makes for easy, expressive bends.” - breedlove.com
  • The Companion: “ puts all that Concert goodness—including careful research and amazing sound—into a compact travel guitar that plays like its full-sized cousins.” - breedlove.com


On top of having a very stunning and unique line of guitars, Breedlove also has an incredible stock of exotic woods that make their instruments pop with jaw dropping beauty! One of our favorite woods they use is Myrtle. Myrtle wood is unique to only two places in the world and Oregon is one of them. The Oregon Series boasts some amazing guitars with solid Myrtle wood top, back and sides.

Along with the Oregon Series we have Breedlove’s Organic Series in stock at the shop. The Organic Series is made up of all solid tone woods that have been 100% sustainably harvested. If you care about the Earth and how we treat it, these are the guitars for you.

Find the Oregon Series, the Organic Series and many more of the guitars and ukes that Breedlove makes, 7 days a week, at our location on the SW corner of 8th & Greenwood in Bend, OR.