Top 5 Best Guitar Loop Pedals

Let’s talk about Loop Pedals… I mean, who needs a band anyway?! We are super excited to have the Nu-X Loop Core and Octave Loop in stock at Sunday Guitars now and we thought this was a perfect moment to talk about loop pedals and why one would want one in their setup.

Loop pedals allow the player to record a phrase or part of a song and then play that phrase back on repeat, or a “loop”. This is wonderful for the solo/singer-songwriter, percussionists looking to add background sounds, or even for practicing multiple parts when no one else is around to jam with.

Nowadays there are a wide variety of manufacturers making Loop Pedals of all sizes and purposes. Here are a few of our favorites that have received accolades though out the last 20-25 years.


Boomerang III Phrase Sample

Most likely the OG of the looper world and still a go to for many. The Boomerang was the first looper to blow people’s minds. Three separate loops (plus a bonus one) that you can arrange for playback in series or in tandem. And at separate volumes, too!


The first affordable looper and the one that found itself on many a stage from in the Early 00s. BOSS revolutionized the loop pedal world with the RC series. A simpler format then the Boomerang, but still plenty of power inside to maintain a professional presence when playing live.

TC Ditto

After about 5-8 years of BOSS owning the mainstream loop pedal market, TC Electronic jumped on board with a super stripped down, super easy to use, 1 knob version of a loop pedal; The Ditto. It was simple and affordable and for the person wanting to practice at home it was just what the tone-doctor ordered.

Digitech Trio and Trio+

Digitech took the Loop Pedal world to new levels when they added a drum machine and backing tracks to the loop feature for a full band experience right inside the pedal. Now the player could loop their song along with adding bass and drum lines.


NU-X Loop Core

Now that we have seen how far the loop world has come, we can tell you why we are so excited about the Nu-X Loop Pedals we just got in at the shop. The Loop Core is a straightforward, simple to use loop pedal with built in drum loops. The small footprint of the enclosure makes this an easy add on to any pedal-board.