"The Science Behind The Strings" - by Kate Couch

Recently, our very own Kate Couch had an article published in COCC's "The Broadside". "The Science Behind The Strings" is a delightful read. Kate takes a great look into our current global state due to COVID and the physical/psychological benefits that come from learning a new instrument.

Many people through out history have pointed out how music makes us smarter but did you know it can make you healthier, too? Kate had the chance to interview Riki Dela Cruz (Professor of Psych & Hum. Dev. at COCC) who put it this way, "(those) who choose to learn a new instrument are actively exercising their brains and minimizing the effects of stress, depression, and anxiety."

There you go! Got stress, depression, or anxiety? Time to learn a new instrument. 

To read the article Kate wrote click here