The Best Delay Pedal: Product Spotlight on the NuX Duotime Dual Delay Engine

What more could you need from a delay?

This pedal is packed full with every last bit of tone manipulation you could want in a delay unit. Super easy and intuitive to dial in, the Duotime comes complete with Looper and even a sweet Shimmer Reverb.

The Duotime Dual Delay Engine is part of NuX’s Verdugo effects lineup. 32-bit processing and a frequency response from 20hz-20khz make this a great delay for any instrument you want to plug in. That’s right! Keys, DJs, Bass players and even folk instrumentalists will love the sound and performance of the Duotime.

Not only a delay pedal: the Duotime comes equipped with a fabulous Shimmer Reverb and also a built in Looper with 40sec of record time. Delay modes, Repeats and Delay Time are still fully available and adjustable even while Looper Mode is engaged.

Another cool feature on the Duotime is the secondary function of the Tap Tempo footswitch. In the studio and want to match your delay time to the BPM set on the record? No Problem! Simply press and hold the Tap footswitch and the Milliseconds (MS) will be converted to Beats Per Minute (BPM) on the OLED Display.

No need for other delay units on your board! The Duotime covers all the bases with modes for analog, tape, digital and even modulated delay.


  • Up to 1800ms stereo delay time by Tap Tempo
  • 5 Delay types: Analog Delay / Tape Echo / Digi Delay / Mod Delay / Verb Delay
  • True stereo delay engine with independent controls in a compact size
  • Realistic infinite pitch-shift feedback in Analog and Tape modes
  • Sub-division time signature with Tap Tempo foot switch
  • 40 seconds stereo phrase loop with OLED status display
  • Optional delay time display (MS/BPM)
  • Musical time sync modulation rate in Analog and Modulation delay

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