Teton STSN10 - Gear Review

For the last 17 years I have been selling guitars to all sorts of players and if I’ve learned anything it is this; a bad guitar is the number one thing that will discourage a new enthusiast from wanting to play. Getting your hands on the right instrument when you first set out on your guitar playing journey is a must in my book. The best instrument will not only look right but it will feel right… and you will never want to put it down.
In our recent shipment of Teton Guitars we received a handful of their STS10NT Acoustic Guitar. This model is hands down the best guitar I have ever played for the money. The raw, natural look was the first thing that grabbed my eye, this guitar isn’t overly flashy and I love that! Once the instrument is in your hands it doesn’t take much for the box to come alive. Rich harmonics & full sustain with very good projection and a crisp dynamic response. There is nothing about this guitar that would make any player want to put it down.