Ted Talks: On Guitars Owned, Lost & Loved

Hi.  My name is Ted and I have owned over 200 guitars.  I bought most of them even though I couldn’t afford them and then sold them because I needed the money (it’s part of a self gratifying re-cycle lifestyle).  Never-the-less, every one of them was a treasure for a little while and I can honestly say, I do not regret owning any guitar.  here’s a ditty I wrote about my guitars…



I’ve had a lot of geetars
And I loved them every one
no matter what condition
They’re just a lot of fun!
Some were spendy
Some were cheap
Some were even free!
Some were plastic
Some were wood
from a Maple Tree
Some got cracks
from other folks
Some got broke by me!
Some of them wound up in a dump
One floated out to sea
Some had varnish
Some had paint
Some had everything
Some were purchased
Some were gifts
Some I found (I think)
Some got traded
Some got lost
One burnt in a fire
Some I had to work a year
In order to acquire
But all in all
They’re all my friends
If objects can be such
And if any want to come back home
I’ll love them just as much!