New Brands for Sunday Guitars!!!

We are super stoked!!! Ted is just getting back from NAMM and he is bringing new brands back with him. Here are a few of he brands that Ted picked up while he was there. 

That's right! We are very happy to announce that Sunday Guitars is central Oregon's new home for D'Angelico Guitars. D'Angelico is located in Manhattan, NY and has over 80 years of guitar building history. John D'Angelico, the founder of the company, started building instruments at the age of nine, the age of nine people!!! What were you doing at the age of nine? John built up his iconic company from the 30's until his passing in 1964. John's apprentice Jimmy D'Aquisto took over for a while and then, in 1999, 3 partners (including Brenden Cohen, Brand President and CEO) purchased the company. Since then Cohen and his team have been growing the already fabulous line of guitars. Recently, D'Angelico has added a great solid-body design to the brand. We can't wait for these amazing guitars to start arriving!

Modal Effects is a sweet new start up from Dallas Condra and Jeremy Leff, two engineering students from Georgia Tech and their partner/designer Vanya Padmanabhan. Their integrated look into guitar/inst effects and the ability to taylor your own tones is awesome! Need an EQ/Boost pedal? no prob! just grab the right module and insert it into the 3 slotted Disruption Base and you've got it. Need fuzz, distortion, drive??? the very same pedal and modules can give you what you need!




Korora is hitting the market with the Spira pedal. The Spira is a filter modulation unit that provides the Shepherd's Scale effect. Oh, you don't know what the Shepherd's Scale or Tone are??? well, neither did I. So, don't feel so lost. The Shepherd's tone/scale is very cool. The outcome of Roger Shepherd's tonal discoveries was the ability to create the auditory illusion of a the sound moving upward or downward without actually seeming to change pitch. This is a very unique and cool sounding unit and we can't wait for you to come try it out.  


There are a few more brands that Ted has picked up so stay tuned for more exciting new at Sunday Guitars!!! We always want to hear from you and what you are wanting/needing for your musical set up. Feel free to call 541.323.2332 or email and we will do our best to serve you.