New Brand: Source Audio

We are super excited to bring Source Audio on as our newest pedal/effect brand here at the shop. Since 2005 Source Audio has been creating products that have innovated the way we play and hear our instruments. The latest offerings from S.A. come from their One Series line of pedals. Here is a quick look at some of the One Series units you will be seeing at Sunday Guitars.

Nemesis: Anything and everything delay. This pedals would be better called a, "delay computer" rather than just a delay pedal. Paired together with Source Audio's Neuro Mobile App or Desktop Editor, the Nemesis is a monster of delay and echo tones. 128 presets, Full Stereo Operation, Midi capability and more combine to make this our favorite delay pedal we sell. 

Ventris: 56bit processing power... we should just stop there. This thing sounds glorious. Dual DSP format pumps out two reverb engines in one box. Pair/cascade them together for insane out of this world sounds. Plus, Source Audio's unique "Spillover" allows you to switch algorithms seamlessly without an abrupt audio cutoff. 

EQ2 Programmable EQ: David Gilmour, Steven Wilson and John Mayer can't be wrong, and they all have a Programmable EQ in their rig. Up to 128 presets make this pedal the most advanced EQ pedal out there. With 10 fully adjustable frequency bands, stereo ins & outs, MIDI In and Thru this thing is an equalization beast. 

Source Audio will be here any day. Come down to the shop to get a chance to test these three pedals plus a whole lot more. Trem, Phaser, EQ, Delay, Verb, Drive…etc. Source Audio does it all and we can’t wait to tell you all about them.