Nashville Tornado Hits Close to Home

Early Tuesday morning this week, a tornado ripped through Nashville leaving dozens of people dead and thousands homeless.

Sunday Guitar’s owner Ted Engstrom’s son AJ (a working musician in Nashville) came to stay with his fiancée Krista at her apartment near the river until the storm passed.  At 2:30AM, while watching the storm from the couch, the emergency channel sent a phone alert instructing everyone to take immediate cover.  AJ lingered for a few moments, curious to watch the storm before bolting into the bathroom with Krista to take cover.

Within seconds, the large 6ft tall apartment windows exploded, shooting glass into the entire apartment.  The winds lifted the roof off the entire building.  To everyone’s disbelief, the unimaginable force of nature sucked everything out of the apartment.  AJ and Krista were safe in their built-in safe room, the bathroom.  They huddled in the darkness of the safe room for the next few hours. AJ realized later that if he had stalled for another few seconds, he may not be not be here today.

In the morning, AJ, Krista and the rest of Nashville woke up to survey the carnage.  To their disbelief, the music capital of the world now looked like “ground zero” according to AJ. 

Fortunately for AJ, his home and belongings was in a part of town that suffered minimal damage.  Krista, however, lost everything. Her cat, guitars, belongings, everything.

We at Sunday Guitars are so grateful that AJ and Krista are safe and we are asking for your help. Krista’s friends have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help her get her back on her feet. It would mean the world to us if you could help and donate and share with your friends. Click on the link below to donate:


To learn more, click on the link below to watch an interview that both AJ and Ted for News Channel 21 earlier this week.