Music In The High Desert

"Premium" is the word that best describes the musical experience in Bend, Oregon. From the Central Oregon Symphony to Open Mic Wednesdays at the Lot and so much more, there is music, music and MUSIC in Bend.

Bend plays host to many festivals where local acts can be seen and heard in every corner. Local pubs, bars and breweries play a large role in hosting musical groups, as do the schools, churches, conventions and municipal functions. 

Bend's history is filled with sparkling career musicians as well. A local boy, Lonnie Chapan, hit it big with the rock band Petra. Local retirees, Norm Sundholm and Jack Ely, were bassist and vocalist, respectively, for the famous The Kingsmen. Not to mention the duo we like to call our own, Marv and Rindy Ross. And if you ask local music lovers, they can name any number of locals that helped shape the music scene in our entire country, not just Bend. 

One of the finest features of Bend's musical community is the all-volunteer Central Oregon Symphony. This amazing group of 60+ musicians puts together three shows in a three-day period, three tomes per calendar year. That's nine free concerts. Wow! If you haven't seen and heard the symphony, you must! You will see why these shows are sold out overtime by loyal fans. 

Music is not the most important thing in life, but it's not to far down on the list from food, water and shelter for some. Make sure you find your music in Bend, whether you're just passing through or staying here for the long haul.