Memorial Day 2018


Memorial Day:

Truly Memorial Day is a somber day. It is a day of remembrance. And, in that remembrance, it is our reflection upon the lives of those who have sacrificed. Those who have put their being before another’s. Those who have served and given their lives for a greater purpose. Sunday Guitars has deep respect for the women and men who have fallen while serving the great nation we live in. Those from Bend, Central Oregon and from all over this beautiful country we call home. 

We will be closed Monday, May 28th, in observance of Memorial Day. We hope you join us by taking a moment this weekend to remember family & friends who have fallen while serving in the US Armed Forces. 

Here is a thought! Why don’t we find a way this weekend to sacrifice for someone else. Sure, we aren’t serving in uniform but we are citizens of the country that many men and women have served & fought for to maintain the freedoms we have. In our freedom, lets find a way this weekend to sacrifice. Maybe find some time to help someone with something. Or find a way to cover someones tab or bring a neighbor groceries. Give purpose to the freedom that so many gave their lives for. 

One of the most impacting scenes in "Saving Private Ryan" is at the end when Tom Hank’s character is speaking with Ryan and he simply says, “earn this”. He was asking Ryan to earn the fact that his brothers had sacrificed to get him out of there alive; to live a life worthy of their service for him. This weekend, lets earn the freedom that our loved ones have provided for us. Together, we can make America great.