Iconic Art Guitars

As part of our Art on Guitar Series, we’d like to feature some of the most famous painted guitars of the last 60 years.

Jimi Hendrix "Monterey Strat"

Recently reissued by Fender as part of their artist series, this particular guitar was the one Jimi infamously burned at Monterey. The handed painted design job was created by Jimi in his hotel room with nail polish.

Eric Clapton “The Fool”

A "psychedelic fantasy," Eric Clapton later wrote describing the colorful kaleidoscope painting of his Gibson SG. The guitar was painted shortly after the formation of Cream by the art collective The Fool. The duo later painted the infamous The Beatles' Apple building a few years later.

Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstrat`

No other guitarist has taken guitar art to the pint of a recognizable brand like Eddie Van Halen. The iconic stripes red, white, blue, and black stripes are as recognizable as his sound. `



Jimmy Page "Dragon Telecaster"

Famously known as a proponent of the Gibson Les Paul, Jimmy Page’s main axe on the first Led Zeppelin album (and reappearing on the solo for “Stairway to Heaven”) was a Fender Telecaster. A gift from bandmate Jeff Beck, Page had the guitar painted with a psychedelic dragon while still in the Yardbirds.`