Graduation 2018: Give Your Grad the Gift of Music!

It's more than butterflies in the stomach, more than the excitement for the future. It is a new beginning, an adventure like none they have taken before. Graduation is the gateway to the future. Now that your graduate is taking on life by themselves, why not give them the gift of music? From something as simple as a harmonica, a ukulele or even a new guitar. Music is something that we can take with us through out our lives.

Sunday Guitars has all the inventory you need to get your grad squared away. Here are some fabulous suggestions that your graduate would love. 

1. Johnson - JD-06: The Songwriter Series II is one of the most affordable, best sounding solid top acoustic guitars available. This guitar features a solid Sitka spruce top that's perfect for a wide range of tones and arguably keeps sounding better with age. comes with a gig-bag and fresh set up!

2. Johnson - JG-610: These are great guitars that we get and then give them a gigbag and a fresh set of DR strings. At $269.99 for the guitar, bag and pro set up this guitar is a steal. 

3. Sound Smith - Guitalele: It's a guitar! No, its a Ukulele. Oh wait! it's both!!! That's right, this is a uke sized guitar that sounds incredible. Got a Grad that likes to play guitar but also likes to hit the trails of the mountain? The Guitarlele is perfect for them. 

4. Teton - TT20e Ukulele: All Mahogany Tenor Luke with a Solid Mahogany Top and a pick up to boot. Uke's are only a fractional sized guitar. That's right the same chords you play on guitar are the same shape on the uke. Great for the grad who maybe doesn't want to take something big to school but still wants to have something to jam on!

5. Sound Smith - SSH-10 Harmonica: At $12.99 you can't lose! This solid built pocket sized musical tool is excellent for the person on the go. Harmonicas are a great way to take the music with you.