Fashion Fit For A Guitar: Jodi Head Guitar Straps

What do David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz, The Bangles, Elvis Costello & Madonna (and many, many more) have in common? They all use Jodi Head Guitar Straps.

Now located in NY, Philly native Jodi Head has seen her musical creations find their way on to hundreds of stages and also on the guitars of some incredibly famous players. We can see why! The vast variety of patterns and styles Jodi creates are stunning and way more than a drab piece of material holding up your guitar.

Jodi isn’t just a manufacturer of guitar straps. The Jodi Head brand makes many other products such as belts, wallets, dog collars and more. She has even reached major fashion runways with her elegant and stylish women’s wear. Jodi truly has an eye for designs that are desirable and it shows in her products.

Made in the USA! That’s right, these are all handmade right here in the good old U. S. of A., in New York’s East Village. Many American companies these days offer straps for sale that are usually manufactured overseas but not so with Jodi Head. You know us here at Sunday Guitars, we always love to support “made in America” products/brands.

We are excited to be offering the Jodi Head Design Studio brand here at the shop. So, take that simple piece of black nylon webbing off your axe and get something with some flair and attitude, right here at Sunday Guitars.