Blackstar Unity Pro Bass Amps: Versatile, Light Weight, Powerful

Blackstar Unity Pro Bass Series

Now that things are starting to go back to normal we are excited to see live music happening again! This also means that bands are starting to have more practice sessions, too. Being a bass player isn’t always fun when you have to carry around that amp and a 2 speaker cabinet stack. Well, never fear! Blackstar has your back with their new Unity Pro Bass Series.

Versatility is the name of the game with this amp series. Unity Pro boasts a 3 voice preamp and a 3 voice power amp that provide up to 9 unique tonal-platforms for super versatility. 3 band, semi parametric EQ and onboard compression are great for further dialing in your own unique sound. Throw in a cut for basses with active electronics and selectable Chorus & Octave effects and there is almost no reason to grab anything more than a Unity Pro Amp and your bass for that gig/practice session. 

The Blackstar Unity Pro Series also provides a solid array of connectivity options. 1/4" TRS Jack works as an out, or as a headphone jack. Plus there is a dedicated XLR D.I. jack with level, speaker emulation and ground lift. There is even a USB jack to further the connectivity and function of the Unity Pro Series.

If this wasn’t enough already... the Unity Pro series is incredibly light weight! One would think in order to get all the specs we listed so far into an amp it would weigh about 80lbs and be half the size of your car. Not so! The Unity Pro Series packs 30-500watts of power in only 20-40lbs of combo amp. That is insane!

With the weight, connectivity and audible versatility of the Unity Pro Bass Series there is no need anymore to break your back carrying that bass rig to and from practice and gigs. Come down to the shop today and try out one of Blackstar’s Unity Pro Bass Series amps. We look forward to seeing you!