Alvarez & Alvarez Yairi: Over 50 Years of Great Guitars

We have a great line up of guitars here at the shop. Lots of brands to choose from and each with their own take on lutherie and the craft of creating tone. Among the brands you will find at Sunday Guitars, you will come across Alvarez. Alvarez is an American Guitar company with manufacturing in both Japan & China providing entry, intermediate and professional level instruments. 

In 1922 Bernard Kornblum founded the St. Louis Music company and started developing and selling violins. Flash forward to the 60's and St. Louis Music was providing all kinds of musical instruments to dealers across the U.S. and other parts of the world. By the late 60's Bernard's son and then CEO of St. Louis, Gene, partnered with Kazuo Yairi, a master luthier from Japan specializing in classical guitars. Together Gene and Kazuo developed & designed a new line of steel stringed instruments to which they gave the name of St. Louis' then new Spanish-styled guitar line, Alvarez. Since then Alvarez & Avarez-Yairi guitars can be found everywhere around the world and in the hands of artist such as; Bob Weir, Santana, Joe Bonamassa, Pete Yorn, Ani DeFranco, Graham Nash and more...

Here are a couple models currently at the shop that we can't get enough of!

ABT60-E Baritone: Fat, sweet and extremely rich sounding. This guitar is a pleasure to play. Tuned a 4th lower (B-B) than a standard 6 string guitar, this monster of an acoustic is great with either finger style or strumming. Play the same thing you play on your standard guitar and get a totally new perspective with this lower tuning. 

Blues 51-TSB: This 00-sized 12th fret is open and deep and for a small body it has some great resonance and tone. Finger pick it for light folk sounds or dig into it with a pick and get some throaty mids for a bluesy vibe. On top of the sound the vintage vibe is strong with this one. Simplicity and style in a sweet little package. 

AD-60-SHB: Elegance and performance. No frills here... except for that stunning burst finish. This Dreadnought looks mature beyond its years and the tone is on par with it's stunning look. Big low end and a crisp top end. Able to be driven from just your fingertips but handles a pick and keeps on giving tone the more you lay into it. This guitar is perfect for that sunny afternoon in the back yard or in the evening by the campfire with friends. 

As always it is a pleasure to serve Bend, Redmond, LaPine and the entire Central OR area. Stop by soon and check out all the Alvarez models we have here at the shop and take one home with you! Feel free to reach out before you stop by: 541.323.2332 or write Have a great weekend!