5 Tips for Successful New Year’s Music Resolutions

New Years is always a great time to take an inventory of your music skills and create some new goals in the coming year. In this article, we’ll give you some helpful tips and resources for accomplishing your music goals whether you’re just starting out =or want to take your playing to the next level. 

1.Know Your Why

Knowing the purpose of reason behind your goal is actually more important than the goal itself. For example, the reason you want to learn to play guitar is to be able to play with friends and family. This will be extremely helpful when you get frustrated or hit a plateau.

2. Set a goal that gets you excited

People have a tendency to get things done when they are inspired or excited (maybe even a bit scared). Examples of this would be:

  • Learn your favorite songs
  • Join a band
  • Perform at an open mic
  • Record a song or album

 3. Get Some Accountability

Unless you’re the rare type that’s ultra-disciplined, it’s very easy to veer off course without being beholden to someone or something like an event. This is where music lessons, whether online or in person, can be very effective as your teacher can help keep you on track. Another way to be accountable is to book a show. Knowing that there is a gig looming ahead will light a fire in your practice time like none other.

4. Make a plan and schedule it!

As the old sayin’ goes “Fail to plan and plan to fail” Having a plan provides you with a map for success. Unless your goal is to form a band or record an album, you don’t need to spend a huge amount of time on mapping out every detail. Just start with your goal, the reason why you want to do this (PURPOSE) and possible actions you can take to achieve that goal. You can also add in who can help you achieve this goal. It might be a teacher, producer, or bandmate.

  After you’ve created a plan, make sure to schedule your next actions into a calendar. Too often we make the excuse of “I don’t have enough time!” The thing to realize is that every great musician had the same 24 hours in the day as you do. The only difference is they MADE the time. Making the time everyday to practice even for just 5-10 minutes will yield huge results!

 5. Learn to enjoy the process

   Learning any new skill is full of ups and downs. Frustration is part of the process and is a sign that you’re about ready to breakthrough to a new level. Therefore, learn to accept that the road to success will be challenging. Ways to enjoy the process more can be buying a new guitar that makes it easier to play or setting up a practice area in your home that inspires you to play.

In the end, the best course of action is to always take immediate action! Do something today, no matter how small the step, that will get closer to that goal. Remember, learning and growing are verbs, not nouns, and every great musician is always learning and growing.